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Cold Radiators​

Radiators are cold because flow is obstructed by sludge and debris. When we power flush your central heating system the we flush until the corrosion is removed and we leave you with a warmer house and lower energy bills. Get your powerflush services quote today!

Boiler Banging Noise​

The banging noises from a boiler is due to a build-up of sludge in the central heating system, which becomes louder as the pump attempts to push the water around the system. Due to a blockage your boiler reaches target temperature to fast and cuts out.

Unreliable Hot Water​

Hot water fluctuating hot and cold? This is a common symptom and not a very nice one to encounter halfway through a shower. This occurs due to the secondary heat exchange becoming clogged up we Powerflush central heating pipes, radiators and boilers.

Blocked Radiator Pipes​

When a radiator has no heat at all then you may have blocked central heating pipes and you need a power flushing company like us. Blocked heating pipes can also cause thermostatic (TRV) valve..

Powerflush Rates​

How much powerflush will cost:

Our services will include all the chemicals used during the powerflushing and all our prices include all taxes, that’s right no hidden surprises.

Power Flush prices are priced in ranges dependent on how many radiators and the type of system.

Combi Boiler Heating system

1 to 5 radiators
  • Each additional radiator will cost £25
  • Taxes Included
  • Chemicals Included

Conventional heating system

1 to 5 radiators
  • Each additional radiator will cost £25
  • Taxes Included
  • Chemicals Included

When Do You Need A Powerflush?​

If you carry out regular servicing and maintenance (professional servicing is recommended annually) then a preventative Powerflush should only be necessary every 5-6 years to clear debris and prevent significant blockages.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to replace your boiler it’s important that the engineer performs a Powerflush before the installation. Otherwise, you risk contaminating the new boiler with damaging sludge and debris that’s hanging around in the old pipework. This will also void your manufacturers warranty.