Many boiler manufacturers now make the warranty dependent on flushing and cleaning in accordance with BS7593 and Part L. Our certificate fulfils this requirement . The certificate is accepted by all insurance, warranty and boiler manufacturers including Home Serve, British Gas home care, domestic & generals and Corgi.

The Compliance Guide to Part L of the UK Building Regulations for England and Wales state that, a new boiler installation must be cleaned and flushed before inhibitor chemical is added.

This is an example certificate you will receive. Please retain it as your 5 year guarantee.

This certificate confirms that the heating engineer has complied with these requirements.

We give reassurance to the householder that the we will carry out the work thoroughly and leave them with information they need on what chemicals have been used. And which corrosion inhibitor left in the central heating system.

Under warranty your boiler may require some repair work. The boiler manufacturer may ask to see your Powerflush Certificate before authorising work under your existing warranty; if the damage is due to a dirty system. This is where our engineers come in and cleanse your heating system and provide proof you have maintained your system. The same goes for you care plan covers such as AA Home Cover, British Gas, Corgi Homeplan, Domestic & General, Homeserve or any other such plan provider. Don’t worry we got you covered!

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